CPD Workshops - 2022

Birmingham, West Midlands (UK)


1) Anatomy Trains BodyReading 101 & 102

(New dates to be advised for 2023)

2) Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function

(New dates to be advised for 2023)

3) Anatomy Trains Structural Essentials 'Arches & Legs'

(New dates to be advised for 2023)



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Anatomy Trains
Way Forward

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CPD Workshops


A very warm welcome to Simply Holistic Therapies CPD Workshop’s Website. 

“Movement should be approached like life – with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude. For movement is life, and life is movement, and we get out of it what we put into it.”   Ron Fletcher – Pilates Teacher

Simply Holistic Therapies is a small independent host located in Birmingham, West Midlands (UK), working in partnership with key training providers such as Anatomy Trains and previously Willem Fourie of Wayforward since 2012. Co-ordinating and organising CPD (Continuing Professional Development) workshops with a focus on working with fascia/connective tissue.

Over the years I have been pleased to welcome many international participants, in addition to those from the UK.

CPD workshops are a great opportunity for qualified practitioners to further explore the world of fascia and myofascial connections. Enhancing your existing knowledge and skills by reviewing aspects of anatomy, physiology and pathology, conducting  detailed patient assessments/evaluations, plus learning new and effective hands-on treatment strategies, all adding a new dimension to your therapy practice.

CPD Workshops in Birmingham, West Midlands (UK) 2022

The workshops are great professional development opportunities open to manual and movement therapists of all types.


For further information about Anatomy Trains please visit www.anatomytrains.co.uk

Photos are from previous Birmingham (UK) courses I’ve hosted – (Photos are Copyright)

“A fantastic 4 days * Body reading excellent & beneficial * Inspirational, useful techniques to apply”
“Wonderful course, a real eye opener and fantastic perspective on fascia.”
“Very informative, Michael is inspiring – thank you”
“Myofascial release – it’s the future!”
“Great organisation by Pauline too. Good mix of listening and doing.”
Lots of information for 4 days, but well structured. I learnt a lot.
Inspired to go further – great course. Thank you Pauline for organising.

Great course * I’m inspired to learn more about structural & functional anatomy * Thumbs up!
It has been an eye opening course * Excellent venue & organisation
Really enjoyed the course, looking forward to applying some of the techniques and doing some further reading in this area. Would consider further courses by AT’s in future.
Very well organised – enough information sent through email – thanks Pauline
Well thought out and presented course, the clarity of the teaching/learning process and its progression to deepen the educational concepts was excellent.
Very enjoyable and interactive course..
Fantastic! Could not fault. A great few days – Thank you.

Good course and well organised.
Informative, stimulating, highly enjoyable, very beneficial.
Enjoyed the weekend very much, the venue was excellent and so easy to get to. Good tutors who really had passion for what they do.
Excellent course, can combine the techniques into my practice immediately.
Pauline the Co-ordinator has been fantastic and looked after us very well.
Great course / teacher / venue.


CPD Workshops

Birmingham, West Midlands (UK)


For course details contact:

Pauline Miller – CPD Co-ordinator

Email: pauline@simplyholistictherapies.co.uk, or Mobile: 07805092328

Courses can be booked online - please click on the workshops page then click on the course to book

Previous CPD Workshops

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Movement should be approached like life - with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude. For movement is life, and life is movement, and we get out of it what we put into it. Ron Fletcher - Pilates Teacher   Due to the current and escalating situation with COVID-19 in the UK,...


“Having a functional understanding of the body requires extra depth to our anatomy. We need to fully appreciate the interactions between the various tissues in the body – nerve, bone, muscle and fascia (to name a few) – and how they interweave to create efficiencies for transfer and distribution of forces.”


In this exciting new and more comprehensive format you will learn about the myofascial tissue and its many roles in the body. Participants will see the fascial tissues in context and how they are interdependent with the other body systems.


Learn to see and correct the myofascial patterns of the body. By building on the BodyReading skills developed in ‘Anatomy Trains’ you will learn to interpret movement and postural patterns. We all want to have a 3-dimensional vision of the body and this workshop is the first step towards establishing those skills for your self.


        Teacher: Michael Watson   ANATOMY TRAINS I   ***** CLOSING DATE FOR DISCOUNTED FEE RATE - 18/9/15 PLACES STILL AVAILABLE... ***** Times: 9am - 5.30pm   Venues: October/November Workshops - The Bond Company   [table id=1 /]   For...


   Fascial Release for Structural Balance Series (FRSB) 'Fans of the Hip' Course dates 9am - 5.30pm (Friday & Saturday) + 9am - 1pm (Sunday) Friday 12th - Sunday 14th December 2014 Course fees The Discounted fee of £350 has been extended Teacher Don Thompson...